Why You Should Hire a VA

Sometimes business owners are too engrossed by so many things that they have a hard time concentrating on the money making parts of their business like looking for customers or meeting clients. They are so busy with small things like issuing invoices, answering phone calls and responding to emails that they unwillingly forget that they have more important things to do.

Small business owners must not forget about “leverage”. Think of it this way. You probably aren’t strong enough to life a car, but using a jack, you are able to change your flat tire. You were able to multiply your power by using the jack.

Use your Leverage

Why should you always remember to take advantage of leverage in a business? All businesses grow by leveraging, money, people, and other tools at their disposal. Let’s focus on people for now. If you hired someone to do a portion of the work you do now. How much will you pay them? You are doing everything in the business so it certainly should not come cheap.

Now, if you hire someone just to answer phone calls and emails? Will you pay them 40$ an hour for that? You can find someone to do that for you for a small fraction of that. You will use that person’s skills to add real value to your business. They can answer your inquiries, do your paperwork, manage your social media, or even set up your calendar.

You are the Boss

If you’ve read our “What to Outsource” guide. You will certainly have an idea of what low-level tasks you can outsource. You aren’t making any money while you are computing your bills, updating your website, or posting tweets in Twitter and you are certainly not making any money updating those spreadsheets.

All of those tasks are important but they’re taking up many hours of your day that you can instead use to grow your business. Your business will grow bigger with you on the helm! Not on the anchors.

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